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Be an earlybird and get your sport right now!


At least once in his or her life, every true petrol head must have experienced this track, but beware! It is highly addictive! Get the thrill of your life and check out the legendary “Green Hell“!

Book within the next 2 Weeks for the Nürburgring Trackday (10.10.2016) and save 50,- €uro!

Full Day: 8:00 – 17:00 -> 699,- €uro
Earlybird Full Day: 8:00 – 17:00 -> 649,- €uro

The Nürburgring or North Loop is the world’s most famous track. This 20.8 kilometers long asphalt strip in the Eifel Mountains has a height difference of a good 300 meters. A few laps around this track does not suffice to learn its turns. You always treat this track with the proper respect; this old school racetrack does not have many run-off areas. It opened in 1927 with many historic races driven by Auto Unions, Mercedeses and Alfa Romeos in the 30s, Nuvolari, Carracciola and Rosenmeyer being some of the biggest names. After the Second World War, the Nordschleife was a fixed item on the Formula1 Championship calendar, bearing winners such as Ascari, Fangio, Surtees, Clark, Stewart and Ickx. After the F1 era, the fastest cars were the Group C cars, with Stefan Bellof still holding the lap record. Each year, the 24 Hours of the Nordschleife are one of the track’s highlights, beside the DTM, Trucks race and the 1,000 kilometers race. Ten heats a year of the VLN Championship are driven on the Nordschleife.

Booking and more informations? Drop us a line -> ePost@nolimitstrackday.com


  • Slick tires are allowed.
  • Please mind the current noise limit for the Nordschleife: 128dB
  • Helmets are required!
  • RaceCars and Monoposto are allowed!
  • Check out the 10.10.2016 and enjoy a maximum of 90 cars on the track.

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