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Kein Mensch hat das Recht, andere, wegen ihrer Nationalität, Rasse oder Religion zu verletzen oder zu töten!

Wenn der Staat sein Gewaltmonopol verliert, gibt es früher oder später Anarchie!

In London hat es einen Terrorakt gegen betende Muslime gegeben. Ein Mensch wurde getötet, als ein Van in eine Menschenmenge vor einer Moschee raste. Man weiß noch wenig über die Hintergründe und sollte hier auch vorsichtig sein. Aber sollte es sich dabei um einen Racheakt für die Anschläge des IS handeln, wäre das genauso zu verurteilen. Es wäre lediglich die andere Seite derselben menschenfeindlichen Medaille. Solche Taten sind an Perversion nicht zu überbieten – egal von wem sie ausgehen. Verlieren unsere Staaten das Gewaltmonopol, wäre das der Anfang von einem Bürgerkrieg. Wir sollten mit wehrhaften Demokratien und mit Menschlichkeit dagegenhalten! Wer sich den Hass und die Denkweise der Terrorisen des IS zu eigen macht, ist selbst keinen Deut besser und gehört ebenso geächtet.


At least one dead after van mows down people in 'terror attack’ outside north London mosque



AT LEAST one person is dead and ten are injured after a van rammed into pedestrians in a suspected anti-Muslim terror attack outside a mosque in north London.

Police confirmed a man was pronounced dead at the scene and counter-terrorism forces are investigating. Eight injured people were taken to three separate hospitals and two were treated at the scene for minor injuries after the van mowed people down on Seven Sisters Road in Finsbury Park.

There are claims from some bystanders that the alleged attacker “laughed” following his arrest by police.

Rabies Rafa, 42, said: “He just laughed. They just killed people and he laughed.

“He had just ran people over up the sidewalk and killed innocent people.

“It was horrible to witness.”

Ratip Al Sulaimen was just around the corner, in a coffee shop, when the attack happened. He told news.com.au he arrived to chaotic scenes.

Just around he corner, in a coffee shop. Ran in afterwards, “I saw the people lying on the floor, I saw the driver. The people are confused and they don’t know what’s happening.”

He said he heard the driver was pulled from the van and people started hitting him. The driver reportedly said: “I did my bit”.

Hassen Hammouda, 20, was on holidays from Tunisia. He told news.com.au he couldn’t believe what was happeneing.

The is the first time I’ve seen anything like this. Of course I’m scared, it’s crazy, man”.

Londoner Emmanual Begedi, 24, commented on the frequency of the attacks.

“Every two weeks we’re seeing things like this. It’s snowballed. We love this country so why are things happening like this?

“We don’t know where it’s going to be next. It’s ridiculous, I’ll be honest, I’m getting scared.”

Forensic investigators work the scene in Finsbury Park, north London after a van mowed down pedestrian. Picture: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has condemned the incident as ‘a horrific terror attack’. Picture: Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP

Finsbury Park was in shock this morning after yet another attack on Londoners. Picture: Tolga Akmen/AFP

The driver was arrested after witnesses said the van appeared to deliberately accelerate into a crowd of Muslim worshippers who had just left a prayer service.

Armed police remain at the scene.

Metropolitan Police said in a statement: “The driver of the van — a man aged 48 — was found detained by members of public at the scene and then arrested by police in connection with the incident.

“He has been taken to hospital as a precaution, and will be taken into custody once discharged. He will also be subject of a mental health assessment in due course.

A bystander is taken away on a stretcher by distressed ambulance crews. Picture: REX/Shutterstock

“The investigation of the incident is being carried out by the Counter Terrorism Command.

“At this early stage of this investigation, no other suspects at the scene have been identified or reported to police, however the investigation continues.

“Due to the nature of this incident extra policing resources have been deployed in order to reassure communities, especially those observing Ramadan.”

Prime Minister Theresa May has described the attack on worshippers as a “terrible incident”.

“All my thoughts are with those who have been injured, their loved ones and the emergency services on the scene,” she said.

The attack happened in the London Borough of Islington, close to Finsbury Park station, a major underground and suburban rail interchange in the capital’s north. The stadium of top flight soccer team Arsenal is nearby.

Several witnesses said there were three white men in the van and two escaped but this has not been confirmed. Police also denied rumours a knife was involved.

Another witness told Buzzfeed News he and his friends pinned the man down after he exited the van screaming, “Kill all Muslims!” and “kill me, kill me”. The witness said the van “went all over us” but he managed to get out of the way and held the man down until police arrived.

A woman who lives opposite the scene told the BBC: “From the window, I started hearing a lot of yelling and screeching, a lot of chaos outside. … Everybody was shouting: ‘A van’s hit people, a van’s hit people!’”

One witness, identified only as Rayan, told CNN it was clear that the attacker at Finsbury Park had deliberately targeted Muslims. “He tried to kill a lot of people so obviously it’s a terrorist attack,” said Rayan. “He targeted Muslims this time.”

Police were called to the scene shortly after 12.20am local time and a helicopter circled overhead as emergency services treated people on the street and took them away on stretchers.

The vehicle mowed down around ten people on the street outside the Muslim Welfare House and around the corner from Finsbury Park Mosque. Both had just finished daily prayer service Isha, which starts at around 10.45pm.

Injured pedestrians were taken away on stretchers as the road filled with police, emergency services and bystanders, including many Muslim worshippers who had just left the mosque and began praying on the street for those hurt.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said police were “responding to a horrific terrorist attack on innocent people.”

He added: “My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected. I am grateful to our emergency services, who responded quickly and have been working on the scene throughout the night.

“This was clearly a deliberate attack on innocent Londoners, many of whom were finishing prayers during the holy month of Ramadan.

“While this appears to be an attack on a particular community, like the terrible attacks in Manchester, Westminster and London Bridge it is also an assault on all our shared values of tolerance, freedom and respect.”

The scene after the attack in London’s Finsbury Park. Picture: James Gourley/REX/Shutterstock, Australscope

Muslim Welfare House CEO Toufik Kacimi issued a statement saying the community was “horrified at this incident” and sent “thoughts and prayers to the victims and those injured.”

He issued particular thanks to Imam Mohamed Mahmoud, “whose bravery and courage helped calm the immediate situation after the incident and prevented further injuries and potential loss of life.”

Mr Kacimi appealed for calm and said speculation was unhelpful, adding that he had met with local MP Jeremy Corbyn. “We have worked very hard over decades to build a peaceful and tolerant community here in Finsbury Park and we totally condemn any act of hate that tries to drive our wonderful community apart,” he said. “Muslim Welfare House has always welcomed the whole community. Only a few days ago, we hosted a Great Get Together in memory of [murdered Labour MP] Jo Cox, attended by people of every faith and background.”

Mr Kacimi told Sky News one witness had heard the driver say, “I did my bit”, after getting out of the van.

Mohammed Kozbar, chairman of Finsbury Park Mosque, told The Sun: “Whoever did this, he did it to hurt people and it’s a terrorist attack.

“We call it a terrorist attack as we called it in Manchester, Westminster and London Bridge.”

A spokesman from Finsbury Park Mosque on St Thomas’s Road told news.com.au worshippers were leaving at the time of the incident “200 metres away”, but he did not know if it was a targeted attack.

Secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain Harun Khan said in a statement: “My prayers are with the victims and their families. It appears from eye witness accounts that the perpetrator was motivated by Islamophobia.

“Over the past weeks and months, Muslims have endured many incidents of Islamophobia and this is the most violent manifestation to date.”

He urged the authorities to increase security outside mosques “as a matter of urgency” and said action needed to be taken to tackle the growth in hate crime over the past few years, acknowledging that many would feel “terrorised” after the incident.

London Ambulance Service Director of Operations Kevin Bate said: “We were called at 12.15am to reports of a road traffic collision at Seven Sisters Road.

“We have sent a number of ambulance crews, advance paramedics and specialist response teams to the scene. An advance trauma team from London’s Air Ambulance had also been dispatched by car.”

Footage posted on social media showed a white male believed to be the driver being held by police just after 1am.

The Muslim Muslim Association of Britain tweeted: “Tragic to hear of attack against worshippers at Finsbury Park. Our thoughts are will those injured in the attack. We condemn this heinous attack on Muslim worshippers, and we call on the authorities to act promptly to capture the perpetrators.”

The Muslim Welfare House, situated right by the scene on Seven Sisters Road, tweeted: “A van hits pedestrians 5 minutes from us. Police & ambulance at the scene.”

Eyewitnesses told LBC radio that the van approached “slowly and intentionally accelerated into crowded cafe outside a mosque”.

Finsbury Park tube station and the busy Seven Sisters Road have been closed off. “All I can hear is sirens and helicopters,” tweeted Lauren French.

Lil shordy posted: “My mums friend is in a coma after the Finsbury Park attack.”

Ali Habib said he was on the scene and that a friend “doesn’t know if his family are safe at the moment.”

Local resident Cynthia Vanzella told Sky News: “It was really ugly. I saw at least two people on the floor not moving and police officers trying to do chest massage on them.”

Earlier, she tweeted: “Horrible to watch police officers doing cardiac massage at people on the floor, desperately trying to save them. I just hope they did.”


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