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Marc Mertens

Marc Mertens - Vita - CV

International and national solid network of experienced partners and co-workers.

Senior technology and business professional acknowledged for innovative thought, balanced judgment, and acuity in providing unique solutions to challenging problems. Backed by more than ten years of cutting edge technologies in constantly evolving product environments, expertise has been cemented through extensive involvement in all aspects of research and design, team and test management, and product and software development. Technology evangelism, compelling communications, and astute understanding of business drives have combined to unite teams with diverse opinions and agendas, steer positive change, and deliver results. Multiple language competencies enrich global communications.

Event Management, responsible for the entire event including selecting an appropriate venue, organising promotional activities, booking entertainment and catering, and arranging the design and layout of the premises. Accountable for managing the budget and for negotiating contracts with suppliers and serice providers. Coaching and training teams, quality control, best practices.


Employment Narrative


NoLimitsTrackDay / SpeedMarkt UG (01/2015 – present)

CEO / Senior Chief Instructor

At NoLimitsTrackDay we are independent and therefore not tied to any one track or provider. This means we offer a huge choice of days at Circuits located across the Germany and Europe and can offer you non-biased advice on the best Experiences and Events to suit your requirements.

If you are a business or organisation we can also help you organise a bespoke Corporate Event to entertain your clients or team building with your staff. NoLimitsTrackDay was established in 2014 and we have since grown to become one of the Germany most popular track day and car driving experience companies. The Directors and Management have a Motorsport background and have formed direct and trusted relationships with all of the Supercar and track day suppliers as well as the Racing Circuits. Our track days and driving experience portfolio has been put together to cater for anyone wanting to drive a Supercar, Rally Car or do a 4×4 Driving Experience including kids who can partake in our Junior Driving Experiences. For other types of experience days, browse through our list of Experience events or click on the corporate days link above for corporate package suggestions. We regularly have track day special offers at key times of year including holidays such as Christmas and Easter, we also have promotions for key shopping periods like Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well January sales.


  • Supercar Driving Experiences
  • Racing Car Driving Experiences
  • 4 x 4, Off Road, Stunt, Rally and Skid Pan Experiences
  • Specialist Driving Experiences
  • 1-to-1 Tutoring
  • National B Competition Licence
  • Motorsport Team Manager



Head of Project Management / Head of Events Service

As the most senior project manager, manage the full lifecycle in collaboration with product management and project management and event management. Create and translate project requirements into technical specifications and align with product management and development to deliver each product to market at the give timeframe. Manage multiple projects.


  • Pioneered the use of agile project management to the existing environment.
  • Identifies business development and “add-on” sales opportunities as they relate to a specific project.
  • Help team execute career development plans.
  • Encourages more junior Innovators to take responsibility for their development within the company.
  • Research markets to identify opportunities for events.
  • Liaising with clients to ascertain their precise event requirements.
  • Producing detailed proposals for events (e.g. timelines, venues, suppliers, legal obligations, staffing and budgets).



Head of Test Management / Product Quality Assurance

As the most senior test manager, manage the full software development lifecycle in collaboration with product management and project management. Create and translate business requirements into technical specifications and align with project management and development to deliver each product to market at the give timeframe. Manage multiple projects including all documentation as well as development, testing, integration and release management teams. Inherited an environment negatively impacted by low morale and project delays—mirroring the company’s rapid growth that had outpaced existing procedures and development protocols.


  • Pioneered the use of agile development to the environment.
  • Launched a new, cutting edge technology that built a mobile telephone into a navigation device. Delivered the project on time, to high praise despite no team member having experience in this area.
  • Demonstrated new ways to gather requirements introduced new quality metrics into designs and launched new reporting and project-tracking methods via new templates and tools.
  • Handpicked as test manager to lead a first time effort to outsource development and testing work.
  • Partnered with an offshore company after creating new processes and procedures to serve as a template to facilitate future offshore success.
  • Another key part of this role is to lead, coach and develop the members of the Project Team in line with the business decisions. Identify skill shortages and capacity constraints and initiate appropriate action if needed.
  • Recruiting team members for the testing and test management department.



Senior Specialist for billing and operational Setup

Managed full software lifecycle—overseeing testing, integration and release management teams, and directing multiple projects and project managers using internal and offshore-based resources. Resolved conflicts between internal processes and third parties.


  • Merged old billing systems into state of the art system.
  • Lead the development process with offshore resources.


SABBATICAL YEAR (01/2004 – 01/2005)

Management of a Dutch Racing Team



Software Manager for billing and applications

Responsible for defining the entire strategy for this project from the requirements stage then throughout its entire life cycle until the merge and the final live usage. I had to ensure that the procedures where clear, priorities and activities for the project team, and set clear and achievable goals and service levels for the development and test team.


  • Resolved several “impossible” issues that had eluded highly experienced professionals over the long term. Invested extended periods devising creative ways to achieve results.
  • Trouble shooting and resolving all technical problems.
  • Managed a research project consisting of internal and external developers.
  • Recruited trainees and arranged technology transfer between ePlus business units.



System Engineer and R&D Team leader


MERTENS & WENZEL GBR, SINN, GERMANY (04/1991 – 06/1993)

Computer Soft- and Hardware Salesmen




  • Methodologies: Waterfall, Agile, Scrum and Tmap
  • Programming Languages: C++, HTML, PERL, XML and MySQL
  • Development Tools: MS Visio, ActiveCollab, Bugzilla, JIRA, Confluence, TWIKI, CVS and Subversion
  • Protocols: SNMP, SMTP, POP3, TCP/IP UDP, VoIP, WLAN, GSM and GPRS
  • OS: Microsoft XP, Microsoft Vista, Microsoft windowns 7, Microsoft Windows 8.1, Linux and UNIX
  • Other: Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft Project


  • Certified Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Certified ISTQB – Foundation
  • Certified ISTQB – Practitioner
  • Certified Project Manager Professional
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Microsoft Certified Professional Developer
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional (Enterprise Messaging Administrator on Exchange 2010)
  • Microsoft Certified Excel Specialist
  • Microsoft Certified System Administrator
  • Member of Project Management Institute
  • Certified on CMMI V1.1
  • Krauthammer Senior Management Training
  • Training Eyes & Hands Optical Character Recognition
  • Training on JD Edwards Billing Systems
  • DMSB International D Licence


  • German – Fluent
  • English – Fluent
  • Dutch – Basic
  • French – Basic
  • Afrikaans – Basic

Value offered& Milestones


  • Team Leadership and Motivation
  • Event Management
  • Project Strategic Planning
  • Project Management
  • Outsourcing Processes Management
  • Process Management
  • Risk Management
  • Research and Development
  • Test Management
  • Quality Assurance Management
  • Release Management
  • Turnaround and Change Management


  • Changed a cross departmental way of testing and Quality Assurance throughout product lifecycles with the company.
  • Launched a new, cutting edge technology that used SMS services and turned it into voice messages.
  • Merged old billing systems into state of the art systems.
  • Changed the way of testing consumer electronics to make it more efficient and predictable.
  • Improved the performance of a department within the given timeframe.
  • Managing projects with local resources to reduce environmental footprint and logistic budget.
  • International and national solid network of experienced partners and co-workers.




Herman Boots – Fotograaf – Geluidstechnicus

Marc is a passionate and confident team player. Being focussed and pragmatic, though not short of humor.


Ben W.A. Cappelle – CEO CTA & Interim Manager IT within AGS bv

Marc is a Q&A Manager with eyes for detail, a trusted antenna for potential risks and a analytical capability that helps growing companies like Tom Tom to stay market leader. He bites in the target with strong dedication and knows how to manage his team to accomplish the mutual agreed targets. He loves his job and a competent team player in the management group.


Izzy Davidson – ERP Test & Development coordinator at GEA Refrigeration IT Services B.V.

I’ve worked with Marc @TomTom, where Marc set a high professional bar. Marc has the passion for QA and the right person to drive colleagues.
Marc is highly respected person which likes to share experiences and knowledge and also fun and fine person.


Dr. Barbara Laermann – Project Director Strategy & Business Development at Siemens Healthcare, Imaging and Therapy

It was fun to work with Marc at TomTom, where deadlines were tide and people often very stressed…but Marc managed to stay calm.


Aamir Khokhar – Software QA Specialist at SintecMedia

I worked in Marc’s team at TomTom International BV. Its been a great pleasure to work with Marc. I learned a lot from Marc. Marc worked as Head of Quality Dept with lot of Qualities…;

Marc is a force of nature. He is a QA-Management powerhouse with excellent strategic thinking and technical expertise. He is a strong, decisive leader with the ability to steer others towards a vision of success and create an environment of collaboration. He quickly sizes up business situations, turns challenges into opportunities and has no shortage of ideas (and actionable plans) for how things can be done better. He has a true passion for his work and an unequalled drive. Marc is proactive with ideas and solutions and continually seeks new ways to create opportunity for the company. I have a great deal of respect for him and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future.


Pawel Banaszczyk – Test Manager at Credit Suisse

Marc was always open to help and supportive in various aspects of a projects. Knowledgeable, open minded. With his pragmatical way of thinking we could always find gold solution with project issues. Waiting to work with him again.


Nigel Radford – at Honeywell ACS

Marc leads the team with confidence and his natural ability to identify improvements either in his team or product provides reassurance to the Organisation.

Marc’s knowledge allows him to build confidence in the team around him and also in colleagues whom he interfaces with.

Marc is highly recommended for any Organization seeking a determined and knowledgably individual with the field of complex product quality assurance and product release testing.


If you got questions for me, feel free and drop me a line -> marc@mertens.space


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