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Elon Musk is the Bernie Madoff of automotive! Most overrated egomaniac of the past ten years.

We may have to eventually give up our sweet engine noises and manual shifters, but we won't miss out on good brakes, suspension, and tires!

Since everyone keeps asking me about my take on Tesla’s Lap Record attempt or it allegedly already beating the Porsche Taycan here are my 2 cents:

First if all, I haven’t timed it, because I am busy with some other things at this point. So I cannot say if the claimed 20 sec faster time is legit. Then, nobody knows what model specification exactly is currently running on the Ring. Yes, on the outside it is a Model S. On the badge it is a P100D+. On the speculation it is a dev car for a so-called “Plaid” version.

All I can say is that HRE wheels, semi-slick tyres, massive carbon ceramic Big Brake Kit, and a DIY-wing don’t sound stock to me. Apparently the car is also running a full KW suspension. On one of the pictures you can also see the duct tape “door handle” which may suggest the original mechanism has been removed

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