Was ich schon immer mal sagen wollte!

oder "My daily rant :)"

You don’t need training to pull a trigger!

But there should be no debate about how he got in the weapons!

It's Vegas… home of shows, conferences, expos of all kind. It's not unusual to have large amounts of luggage and remember her was there for days. 3 or 4 pieces on multiple trips? No one pays attention. This man was an accountant he is generally methodically…



There should be no debate about how he got in the weapons. The government/FBI/who the FUCK EVER should release the video footage to show its citizens. But they won't , he wasn't alone. There's no fucking way. I'm sorry. I don't know what fantasy world some of you are living in but you need to stop trusting in your government who fucks millions daily. 

People who believe the official government line are the dumb ones. This guy was a patsy. No way did he carry out this attack.




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